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Logistics Services

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Juyuan Petrochemical has a professional logistic and procurement department that tailors logistics solutions for each different source of supply and factory situation based on different customer requirement. Including door to port, port to door, and door to door; We have road transportation, railway transportation, water transportation and combined transportation according to actual distance and the needs of different customers to rationalize the transportation resources, optimize and save costs. Containers, bulk containers, bulk carriers and other export forms are available to meet the needs of different customers.

Currently our company usually cooperates with the shipping ports such as Shandong Longkou Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, Fuzhou Port, Shenzhen Port, etc., and including the inland Yangtze River and other river Port. Each port has advanced facilities, high operation efficiency and excellent service.

The major shipping ports include almost all major shipping companies. Our company has established long-term cooperation with the three major ocean alliances which are 2M, OA and THE . We are familiar with the relevant processes and you can choose the shipping company with the most advantageous routes according to different destination ports for deployment which can control costs while ensuring maximum cargo safety.

Logistics service is one of our strong advantage for Juyuan Petrochemical. Safety and timely delivery is the basic guarantee. Good customer’s good experience is also our goal. Through the optimization and integration of various types of information resources, we can reduce logistics costs while ensuring best service quality.


The shipping companies which we have long time cooperation.

岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司 岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司 岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司
岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司 岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司 岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司


Common shipping methods



岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司 岳阳聚源石油化工有限公司


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